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Our Customer Reviews:

This place is wild on Saturday nights. Excellent food, more than my husband and I could eat. The service was friendly and fast, the music out of this world. These people really make you feel like one of the family; I don't know how they managed it (I'm putting the blame squarely on the good wine!) but they got my husband and I up to dance and taught us the steps. It was a real blast, I would totally recommend it to my friends and am definitely going back again. You should give it a try!

Samantha H.

The food at Taki's mad greek is fresh and outrageously delicous!

It's a good place to stop for a gratifying, healthy lunch.

The lunch special is cheap and really tasty. It's a good bargain because you are getting incredible food in a nice, family-run restaurant.

I love the atmosphere because the walls are covered with family photos and colorful murals of Greece.  It feels very amicable and fun.

It's like eating a carefully prepared Greek meal at your good friend's house.

It's not pretentious, flashy or fussy. It's simply quality food served by good people.

Taki and his wife Kiki are welcoming and very friendly. It's very rare for the owner of a restaurant to converse with the customers. However, I've had both Taki and Kiki make friendly conversation with me. Not only is Taki an excellent cook, but he is also an amazing musician.

They have live entertainment (Taki on the Bouzouki and Baglama and  the Mad Greeks and Belly Dancing) on Saturdays, which you must have a reservation for because this place fills up quickly!  I'm happy I discovered this place and I will keep going back.

I often stop in for lunch after shopping at Value Village. They are located next door to a Scandanavian bakery and The Tweetery's new location.

This is another diamond in the rough. I highly suggest this restaurant!

Fiona Y.

Just went to Taki's tonight and it was delicious. He is a freakin' master on the grill. His lamb is the best I've had and being Greek, I've had a lot in my time. Him and his wife Kiki run the place and are very sweet.

She takes care of the front of the house while he expertly handles the back. Taki is also a world class bouzouki player and they have Greek music there on Saturday nights. It's a great neighborhood joint and every time I go, I decide that I need to visit it more.

Irini G.

Hands down one of the most memorable nights in recent years.

A visit to Taki's is worth it just for his Bouzouki (Greek Guitar) skills! Consider yourself lucky to arrive on a rainy Saturday for this treat--then be prepared to sit and sit and sit for hours feasting and really being part of a PARTY!

Order up the Saganaki (flaming cheese--not gay--but seriously... lit on fire). I have had this appetizer all over the country and Taki does it best.

Then get down with their basic Mad Greek Special -- a huge skewer each of three various seasoned meats (I chose two chicken and one steak). Sounds basic?  Bullshit. Taki & Company season this meat to perfection--you will dream about this plate in a year from consumption--like I am doing right now.

Belly Dancing. Hopefully you get to see the beautiful Lisa Yasmeen perform. Amazing talent. The entire restaurant gets going and you lose track of time...........like Marty McFly in the Twin Pines Mall Parking Lot.

Brad W.

I always ate here when I worked at pizza hut next door a long time ago.

The food is always great. The owner's wife is so friendly. She always remembered me when I came in frequently, and sometimes would give me a complimentary baklava and talk with me.  When I came in with friends, I was always encouraged to sit down and have water or coffee while we waited for our food. I love the gyros and the falafel sandwich.  Everything is always fresh and full of flavor.

Randi S.

Efharisto!  Amazing service and authentic Greek culinary magic.

The lamb was cooked perfectly to order & the calamari were divine.  They spotted my Greek blood immediately, and we shared our favorite spots around Kerkyra (Corfu), my "old country".

Kiki & Taki were wonderful to meet.  Whether you've ever been to Greece, or just love flavors of the Mediterranean, make sure not to miss Taki's.  It has humble decor, but is rich with true Greek cooking and culture.

Eric O.

The gentleman who runs it is a famous Greek musician. He is so well known that when I mentioned his name to Grandparents they remembered the name. If that was not enough even my friend in New Orleans remembers talking him up in a bar down there. Small world. Well Besides the back story the food was amazing. Marinated souvlaki done to perfection I had beef pork and lamb and all were perfect. The meal was so fresh and succulent nothing done poorly.

Leeland W.

If you truly want fresh food not frozen like the other Greek places, go to Takis Mad Greek. Also, on Saturday night it's the best show ever, with belly dancing, dancing for everyone with instructors there to show you how to Greek dance (you won't be sorry if you go). My whole family and friends that I brought there loved it. And we always make a point to go back.

Andrea K.